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We are the Yang Family, we are a big family. There are four kids in our family, two boys and two girls, HaoHao, ShengSheng, QiQi, and TongTong. I am the father Yang Jianing, I am operating my company, my wife takes care about our kids at home. 

One of our friend had an au pair, their family’s international experience gave us a very deep impression, the au pair can help kids to study English and brings different education ideas, the au pair can help host family to take care kids and become the host family’s member. It is an amazing thing for our family, I and my wife decided to receive one girl to be our au pair.

Finja arrived our family at ending of September, 2014, She has yellow hair and blue eyes, just like our kids’ doll “yangwawa”. our kids very very like her, always around her and try to find out why she has a very different face with them, Haohao even opened her eyes by his small fingers to discover her eyes’ color, it made Finja and us laughing. 

Although we have 4 kids, Finja’s primary duty is helping Shengsheng to study English, and play with all of kids at night. Since Finja comes to our family, she help us a lot, Shengsheng’s English is practicing day by bay, promoting step by step. One day, there was an activity at our son Shengsheng’s school, each kid was asked to speak in English, only Shengsheng can speak in complete sentences, as parents, we proud of my son and thanks Finja very much.

Our Son Shengsheng is 6 years now, he is a very busy kid, he plays piano everyday, he have different classes at home or at school, and Finja helps him to learn English. There are different education ideas between Finja’s and ours, Finja encourages to give kids more time to play, and we always build a strict studying schedule, our kids no too much time to play. We understand Finja and thank her to so think about our kids and so work hard. We also hope to provide an environment for studying in playing, but it is not easy in China, because there is so much pressure, every kid was asked to work hard, if your kid does not study early, it looks that your kid will be loser. Shengsheng will not have a chance to play piano with the famous piano player Langlang, if Shengsheng does not practice it everyday. Finja also met Langlang with us. We believe that it was an amazing thing for her to meet Langlang.

During the au pair period, we enjoy happy and unhappy things together, just because we are family, we care about each other. This kind of experience cannot be commented by good or bad, it is just different, we respect each other and learn each other. 

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