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Sun and Insert Protection

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Children of all ages will need to use sunscreen and insect repellant and your host family will expect you to know the proper way to use both. The Topics covered in this Unit are:
2.Insect Repellant

Topic 1 - Sunscreen

Damaging Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can burn skin and a child’s skin is more sensitive than an adults. You will need to ensure that the children in your Host Family wear sunscreen anytime they are outside, even if it is not sunny.

You can dress children in hats, sunglasses and long pants to help protect against the sun as well. If you suspect a child is being burned from the sun, take her inside right away to prevent further.

Topic 2 - Insect Repellant

Insect repellant is designed to protect from insert bites and stings. You will need to use insect repellant when the children will be outside, even when you do not see any insects.
Insect repellant is not waterproof so you will need to reapply if the children go in water. Check the label to see if an insect repellant is safe for children under age 2.
You can have the children dress in lightly colored clothes, socks and shoes to help protect them from bites in addition to using insect repellant. 

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