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Indoor & Outdoor Safety

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In this unit, you will learn about safety concerns both inside and out of the home. The learning goals of this unit are:
In this unit, you will learn about safety concerns both inside and out of the home. The learning goals of this unit are:

- recognizing common safety concerns and potentially dangerous situations

- preventing accidents and injuries

- appropriate areas for children to play

Topic 1 – bathroom
Children should not be allowed to play in the bathroom. When a child does need to be in the bathroom, you will need to be aware of what can potentially injure a child so you can prevent it.
Topic 2- bedroom
Children will spend a great deal of time in their nursery and bedroom, so it is important that you can recognize potential safety concerns to ensure that there are no accidental injuries.
Topic 3 – kitchen
Just like the bathroom, children should not plat in the kitchen. There are many ways children can injure themselves in the kitchen and you will need to be aware of all of them.
Topic 4- living room
You will probably spend a lot of time in the living room with the children in you host family. the living room is often designed to be a comfortable place, but there are still potential safety hazards you will need to be aware will need to keep windows in the living room closed and locked to prevent children from falling out.
Topic 5 – stairs
Stairs can be dangerous for younger children especially when they are learning to walk. You will need to be aware where the stairs are in the home and when the children are playing too close to the stairs.Designed to block the stairs and prevent children from accidentally falling safety gates are commonly used in homes with small children.
Topic 6- backyard

On sunny days, you will want to take the children outside to play. Many host families have a variety of toys and play sets in the backyard.You will need to regularly inspect plat sets to ensure that they are in good condition. Check for splinters, broken parts and chipped paint.

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