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Pet Safety

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Pet Safety
this Unit on Pet Safety will teach you the common pets and animals in the U.S.and how to be safe around them.The learning goals of this Unit are:
-Supervising children around a pet
-Recognizing and responding to stray or unfriendly pets

pet are very common in the U.S.and your host family may have more than one .It is important that you feel comfortable around the pet in your host family so that you will be able to keep the children safe and calm aroud the animals .The Topic covered in this Unit are:
1.Household Pets
2.Stray Animals

In order to complete this Unit,you will need to follow these steps in order:
-View the DVD for Unit 5
-Review the Training Reference Manual
-Complete the Practice Test
Topic 1--Stray Animals

Animals that are alone on the street or do not belong to anyone are considered stray animals.It is important that you protect children from these animals for their safety. If you see a stray animal,you will need to keep the children clear. Do not let children approach or try to play with an unfamiliar animals. Animals can be easily started by children and will bite when they feel threatened. If a child is bitten by an animal,you will need to seek medical help because the animal may have rabies and the child will need immediate treatment.If you see a stray animal,you will need to call your local Animal Control.Keep this number on your Emergency Contact List for easy reference.

Topic 2--Household Pets

Your Host Family may have one or more pets in their home.Children often enjoy playing with their pets and it is important that you are able to keep them safe.Common pets in the U.S include:

Do not let the children pull on the dog's hair or tail.Dog food and water is usually placed on the floor so you will need to ensure that the children do not play in it.

Most cats will use a litter box and children should not play in or around it. Just like dogs ,never let children pull on a cat's tail or fur.
When children want to play with a animal,make sure they are calm and touch the pet softly.If an animal appears angry or is growing,do not let the children go near the animal,even if it is the household pet.Once the children have finished playing with the pet,make sure they wash their hands.
Never leave an animal alone in the car,even for a few minutes.The inside of a car can get very hot and this could cause the animal to get sick or die .Even when it is not hot out ,never leave a pet in a car.

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